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January 2011

From Peter Schutzenhuber, Germany:

Hello K.K., I am Peter from Germany (Bavaria, Munich) and I've been a Priest - Fan since 1986 I was 11 years old. The love and fanatism for Judas Priest came with the "Priest...Live"-album and VHS-Video in 1987.

My first Priest concert was on the "Painkiller" Tour, 19th Feb. 1991 in Munich. It was my first live-concert experience ever in life as a 15 year old boy. The impression of this live show was so strong that I wanted to build a smaller copy of the show in my bedroom. I send you some photos of my "bedroom-painkiller stage" from 1991.

When Rob left the Priest in 1992, I was shocked and sad till the reunion in 2003. Then I saw Judas Priest again in Munich 2005, where I met Scott, you and Ian and also on the "Priest-Feast-Tour 2008. I want to thank you at this point for still making such a great album as "Nostradamus" - after all those years. It shows all the musical variety of Judas Priest from metal to great ballads and hymns. Lately I've heard about the "Farewell-Epitaph World Tour". I hope I have the chance to see you and Judas Priest in Munich once again and to meet you after the show for some autographs and to say thank you.

With the best greetings from Germany and Merry Christmas, Your long-term fan Peter Schützenhuber

P.S. I'm a drummer in a rockband, please check it out: Please could you send me an autograph by mail and write some lines back - that would really make my day!!!


Hi Peter. Kit looks awesome, seems maybe you will be taking over from the Priest. I certainly hope you do. Happy late season's greetings to you too.

Regards K.K.


From Saurabh Zutshi, Bangalore, India:

Hi K.K. Since 2011 will be Priest's final world tour, me along with thousands of fans in India are hoping and praying that you will finally be able to come to India. Please do consider India as a viable touring option, you won't be disappointed by the reaction here. This is our last chance to witness Priest live.

Hi Saurabh. I know India is fast growing in the metal world - in fact for some years we have heard how well received other metal bands have been. It would be an Honour to play in your country.

Regards K.K.


From Shari, El Paso Texas:

Hi K.K. I want to say first i have been a huge fan forever. I am 43 and have been listening to you and going to your concerts since i was 15. I am a complete Judas Priest freak. I can't imagine a day without listening to you. I just read that you are all gearing up for a world farewell tour? Say it isn't so. I know that you all have worked so hard over so many years and brought the most amazing music to all your fans. I can't imagine a world without The Mighty Priest.. The other question i have is will we see you out on any tours yourself? I will be first in line.. I hope and pray you all come to El Paso Texas, I need my Priest fix. Can I also ask are you married??? Lol all in good fun.. The best to you and Priest and may you reign forever, you will always remain in my heart forever.. Your biggest fan, Shari.

Hi Shari. Thanks for your long time support. At the moment I can't envisage being on the road without Priest. And no I am not married, just can't find a girl that will put up with me.


Regards K.K.

From Dee S:

Hello Mr. Downing. I just heard the news and I must say you shocked a lot of people. Wow, the stories your fans could tell you. My grandmother would never let me listen to Judas Priest in the house, she would always say "nice girls don't listen to that" and for a long time I thought Judas Priest was a bad word because that was what my grandfather would yell out whenever he was mad.(They were old school Scott's). So what do you plan on doing after 2011? Just a suggestion, maybe you should get some stories from your fans around the world and put it into a book. There are so many that are really funny. Heck, I fell off my balcony sneaking back in the house from The Painkiller show, now that's irony because I broke my wrist which was very painful. It wasn't half as painful as when my grandparents saw what I was wearing (or wasn't wearing). So anyway good luck to you and I hope the next half of your life is as successful as the last. Thank You.

Hi Dee. Thank you for your very kind words. Sorry you broke your wrist, I hope it didn't stop you from having fun.

Regards K.K.

From Razvan, Romania:

Dear K.K., Since I've read this dramatically news about farewell tour, I must say something collapsed inside me. I keep on reading, but still cannot believe it! I refuse to believe, my mind refuses to accept. I knew that a moment like this will come eventually someday, but sad! Very, very, bad news...
I always thought you will be forever! For me, JUDAS PRIEST isn't just a band, just some music...JUDAS PRIEST has always been part of my life where I found myself, I reinvented and where I've never been disappointed, not even once. At any time, in joy or sorrow, JUDAS PRIEST was next to me. You can not imagine how important is JUDAS PRIEST for me! I grew up (I'm 33) with your music and with your presence in my life! You see, I didn't say "was very important"! I just can't speak about JUDAS PRIEST in past tense. And this is because you will always be present in our hearts and minds through Judas Priest's monumental legacy!

With your permission I would respectfully ask you some questions:
1. Will you record other studio albums, even if you will never perform live?
2. Will you remain active in the rock world, in other ways?
3. Is it possible, sometime in the future, an album of some famous and timeless hits, re-recorded, such as: Hell Bent For Leather, Breaking the Law (with solo, like in live versions), Living After Midnight, Riding On The Wind, Another Thing is Coming...and a few more. These songs represent the essence of JUDAS PRIEST and it will be great to have them in a new, re-recorded, actual versions! The name of the album would be, unfortunately, sadly, "Epitaph"...

THANK YOU Rob, Glenn, KK, Ian & Scott for your work and creative power, for your elegance, talent and for your unique and unmistakable style! You leave the world something that will never be matched in any way!
Words cannot express anything at the moment!

Hi Razvan. Thank you for your kind words and your support, to be perfectly honest I have not given any thought as to possible case scenarios after the final tour. At the moment though I feel that Priest has played its part in music history and feel very proud to have achieved what we have. So there is a good positive feeling inside me and of course I feel very indebted to the fans all over the world. As for the future we probably need the help of Nostradamus.

Regards K.K.

From Magnus Bergman, Sweden:

Hi K.K. I hope everything is fine with you and here is a hard question for you.
I have always wondered why Priest pitched the Unleashed In The East album up a half in tune in the finally production/mastering?

It`s easy to hear because I have other recordings (bootlegs) from that tour and the songs are not played so fast on them as on the Unleashed in the east album. Was it just for a more instinct sound or for a more brighter production with Tom Allom? Because when I am tuning the guitar normally, it's out of tune with that album but not with Priests other studio albums.

I do understand that this was a long time ago K.K. but hope that you maybe have some answer on this.

I have already bought my ticket for Sweden Rock Festival Epitaph farewell tour 2011 and have never missed a priest concert in Sweden since the first time you were here in 1984. Looking forward to hear from you and happy xmas and a new year. Best Regards, Magnus Bergman the biggest priest fan from Sweden.

Hi Magnus. I think what has happened is that we actually tuned the guitars at that pitch on the night of recording the album. Remembering that all of this was pre-electronic guitar tuners. I can remember previously tuning to pitch pipes or a tuning fork, but most likely we just couldn't put our hands on it when it was needed.

Regards K.K.

From Jean-Claude, France:

Hello, I am a French fan of Judas Priest. I have just learnt that your group is going to be on tour of goodbye. I am very sad there.

Judas Priest evokes for me THE HEAVY metal, I hope to see you at home for possibly an additional date that of "Hellfest" at Clisson.

I assure that your solo guitars as well as those of Glenn Tipton shall remain engraved (burnt) in me as one of the most talented musicians of the kind (genre).

I forget not Rob Halford who is so central for the group, as well as Scott Travis and Ian Hill! Receive my most respectful feelings and the most devoted.

Hi Jean-Claude. Thank you for the kind words. We have had many great metal concerts in France, and will always remember them with affection.

Regards K.K.

From Justin and Ashley Gallagher, Hoytville, USA:

Hello K.K. Me and my wife love your music. We listen to it all the time. It gives us crazy feet. We were wondering if it would be possible to receive a signed picture or anything. Thanks and can't wait to hear back from you.

Hi Justin and Ashley. Sorry I'm completely out of stock at home. Perhaps you could make a request to Jayne Andrews, Trinifold Management , 12 Oval road, Camden, London.

Regards K.K.

From Mindy Deitz, Warren Minnesota:

Dear K.K. I heard the news on Judas Priest blog that this will be your farewell tour. What happened? You guys are my number one band and I guess after all you guys have toured for a long time and you have families that you want to be with and also have hobbies and other things. I can't wait to see you guys again next year here in the States for the last time, I will miss you guys and there will be tears of sadness to see you for the last time. I am sorry I just love the British and England and you guys were that for me. Since I can't go to England right now you guys were my connection to England. I was just wondering are you still going to have the Steel Mill also? I will still be Judas Priests biggest fan. I will still support you guys and I will be listening to all of your music and all of the DVDS from the past till now. I hope all of your guys take care and hopefully see you guys soon in England. Thank you for all the good times that Judas Priest gave me and all the music to pick from, one request can you play Painkiller and Desert Plains please? Thank you.

Hi Mindy. Thanks for your support as always, have a great Christmas and New Year.

Regards K.K.

From Sygy:

Hello K.K., Hello Glenn, Rob and Ian!

I've just read the sad news from that 2011 the Epitaph Tour will be the last Priest Tour. Please reconsider this decision and give us at least one more strong, Heavy Priest Album! This can't be the End of the best, greatest Band! In hope for an answer of this pray!

Hi Sygy. You have also been a great campaigner for the Priest, for this I thank you.

Regards K.K.

From Mário, Šurany, Slovakia:

Hi K.K. In the first place as we approach Christmas I'd really like to wish Merry Christmas and especially a lot of metal in the new year and when I think of nothing to fear from him you'll have it :) I am really very pleased that JUDAS PRIEST again significantly will be on travel and that the fans will be able to see the band live. Today I saw your site and added concert dates, specifically Prague and Vienna. I very much hope and believe that soon you will include the dates of your concert in Slovakia. I would like to see you play again live very much. I think Epitaph tour will be mega successful :) On the other hand, I am really very sorry that this has to be JUDAS' last tour. Last, and actually the first time in my life I saw you as a band in Bratislava 16 June 2008. For me it was a huge experience. Moreover, as I caught a pick from you :) I hope therefore that next year is pointing to Bratislava and Judas again meets with all TRUE METAL FANS:)) Would you tell me some info on your next album? Nostradamus was indeed a genius and I believe that his successor will be really HEAVY:) At the end of my mail, I wish you still a nice Christmas time and maybe I'll see you somewhere in Slovakia. Judas is only one and a similar band will never be again! From a small town in Slovakia, Šurany, the compliments from your huge fan of Mario:) Hold on!

Hi Mario. Thanks to you also for your kind words and to all fans of Judas in Slovakia. Oh and congratulations for catching my pick!

Regards K.K.




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