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Metal For Men!

Metal is the air tonight as K.K. is involved in a new fragrance line “Metal For Men” out which can be ordered via this link

K.K. has a new blog out on Metal For Men, Jack Bruce and tribute bands among other great stuff. Speaking of tribute bands, another feature is unleashed with Leather Rebels from Finland! And our very special guests this time are the brilliant rockabilly heroes Fatboy from Sweden with interview and live review. So check those out and stay tuned for more!


- K.K. Downing & Millworkers -




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Interview with Fatboy Leather Rebels - Judas Priest Tribute K.K. Downing's latest blog



Tribute! To Tribute!

Hi Everyone!
At this time I would like to pay my personal tribute to all Priest tribute bands around the world!
My sincere thanks to all of them for helping to bring additional recognition for Judas Priest and also to help to satisfy the loyal fans of Priest when the band has been writing and recording, as you know these periods of absence have often been for several years.
I commend them all for what they do and it would make me very happy for them if they continue to defend the faith forever.

Young band “Hostile” from the Black Country has just finished a killer tour supporting the mighty Machine Head in the UK. Machine Head for me are without doubt one of the best live bands that I have ever seen. Also musically they are sensational, a big thank you to them for giving a new band a very valuable opportunity.

It is possible that some of you may have heard about my involvement with “Metal ” fragrances for men and women. I thought it was about time that there were some quality products available for rock and metal fans. The fragrances are extremely high quality and I am sure that you will enjoy them. Planet rock in the UK has launched the Fragrances and they are available from the planet Rock Shop.

I would like everyone to join me in remembering the late great Jack Bruce who passed away in October. I was fortunate to have seen both farewell concerts at the Royal Albert Hall in 1968. He will live on forever through the great music he created, and I am sure that most of you will feel as I do that we have lost not only a great musician but also someone that we grew up with who became that special friend that we never got to meet.

Great night last Wednesday at the Birmingham academy - I got to meet a great guitarist and gentleman Steve Stevens playing with Billy Idol. We both remembered that we were the first guys who started playing Hamer guitars in the early eighties. I am sure that we could have talked all night if Steve didn’t have to play a gig.

Lastly as always, I would like to thank the loyal team at the Steel Mill for their continued great work with the site and for those of you who may not know, there are members of Priestone amongst them. So I will end as I began, by paying a special personal tribute to the team and the band.



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K.K.´s Q and A will be on a stanby mode for the time being.


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Accept - Blind Rage
Simply - a great album! First class craftmanship.
Thank you Accept for keeping it simple.

The Scintilla Project - The Hybrid 
A surprising sidestep from Saxon's Biff Byford, as the legendary vocalist fronts this sci-fi themed metal project. Though musically it sounds more like something Arjen Lucassen might've come up with, Biff and the band prove to form a tight unit that knows how to deliver. Hooks on "The Damned And The Divine", prog-metallic class of "Pariah" and Biff's hauntingly emotional work on "Permanence" are just some of the album's highlights.

Greedies – A Merry Jingle
Greedies, or The Greedy Bastards, as the band originally called themselves, was another forgotten superband project from the late 70s. The band featured Thin Lizzy members Phil Lynott, Scott Gorham and Brian Downey with Sex Pistols’ Steve Jones and Paul Cook, and they played various gigs during Thin Lizzy’s downtime between 78-79. This Christmas 7 inch is their only official release.

Bloodbath - Grand Morbid Funeral
One of the greatest supergroups in the metal field return with a vengeance after a six year break. Featuring members from Katatonia and Opeth, the band also has a new vocalist in line - who is no other than legendary Paradise Lost frontman Nick Holmes. Holmes has kept his death metal pipes hidden for the past 20 years or so, but here he delivers an astounding performance which perfectly enhances the music, which pounds with perfect combination of darkness, heaviness and brutality. Bloodbath are back. Arguably the best death metal album of 2014!

Something a bit different from Iceland. I haven't heard anything this good for a long time.



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