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Exploding, reloading, this quest never ending!
JULY, 2014

In related news, Hostile will be touring UK this summer opening for the one and only Machine Head and also supporting the kings of metal Manowar at the Magic Circle Fest in Helsinki, Finland. So be sure to catch them live near you!

K.K. also delivers another video blog this time focusing on what happened at Ramport Studios in London 1976-1977 and the incredible story on how Priest went on from there to win a Grammy award for “Dissident Aggressor” decades later!

Our popular Scrapbook-feature is back with a vengeance offering more unreleased stuff from the “Rocka Rolla”-days!

And once again our concert and album review section is fully updated!

To let you all know there will be a facelift coming at Steel Mill later this year, and we will be working hard on it in the up-coming months. So have fun attending the summer festivals and stay tuned for more!

- K.K. Downing & Millworkers -




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Ronnie James Dio tribute album "This is your life"
One of the greatest voices's dedicated, pious tribute.

Saracen - Heroes, Saints & Fools 

This debut album of British group Saracen has somewhat lost in time, but it really deserves better. Released in the midst of NWOBHM rush in 1981, "Heroes, Saints & Fools" carries on with a good rocking pace spiced up with tremendous melodies and a cool progressive touch to spice things up. A hidden gem worth finding!

Vandenberg's Moonkings
After some 15 years break, the former Whitesnake axeman Adrian Vandenberg returns back to rockbusiness with his new band Moonkings. Included is also a visit from his old bandmate David Coverdale, as they revisit the old Whitesnake classic Sailing Ships.

Avatarium – Avatarium
Leif Edling’s (Candlemass) new progressive doom group came out of nowhere and released the greatest album of 2013. What separates this album from the rest of the pack are the brilliant melodies, doomy but not too heavy riffs, and on top of it the astounding delivery of Jennie Ann Smith on vocals. The first single “Moonhorse” stands out but there are gems all over the album: melodic “Boneflower”, echoes of prime 1970’s era Rainbow and Uriah Heep in “Lady In The Lamp” and also haunting title track hit the bulls eye.

Gamma Ray-Empire of the Undead
Really impressive new album from Hansen and co!



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