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Everybody’s Rockin’ In The Summer Heat!
JUNE, 2015

Summer is fast approaching and as usual this comes with a new dose of updates from the hot furnaces of Steel Mill. This month’s line-up of guests is one of our most impressive ever!

Our exclusive guests this month include the legends Q5, new man Carl Sentance from Nazareth and Aadolf Virtanen from Diablo!

New Yorkers Victim Of Changes leads our Tribute feature and additional updates can be found on Fan Forge and Reviews. Enjoy the summer, tour the festivals and we’ll see you again soon!

- K.K. Downing & Millworkers -






Interview with Q5 Interview with Carl Sentance Interview with Aadolf Virtanen of Diablo Victim of Changes - Judas Priest Tribute


APRIL, 2015

Metal Defenders!

Hello to all!
In 1984 Priest “Defenders Of The Faith”- tour sold out Madison Square Garden! Now that was what you call a memorable gig, exuberant fans decided to fill the stage with foam cushions from their seats.
It was crazy but full-on metal, in the picture above you can see a cushion still airborne heading for the stage which in the end of the night was completely two to three cushions deep making it impossible for us to walk on as it became like one big trampoline. However, it was great fun. I remember how we laughed so much it was difficult to continue to play, but of course we did!
The result of this amazingly unusual gig was a ban for life from the venue but we did not care, as it was truly a night to remember.

If anyone remembers this gig or has some photos please can you share them with us at the Mill?
I think that you may all agree that the “Defenders” stage set was possibly the most metal of all Priest sets and also the most synonymous with both Priest and with metal!

It was a tough task to follow the success of “Screaming For Vengeance” but I think it is testimony to Priest that there was no conscious effort to write single orientated songs for “Defenders.” In fact we never did that. If a song became popular for radio it was just what happened. As the title and song says “we are defenders of the (metal) faith” and very proud of it.

The opening two tracks on this album for me are seriously the way to open a metal album; “Freewheel Burning” and “Jawbreaker” are a combination that for me is hard to get tired of. It was also great to play most of this album on the tour which I guess also pays tribute to the album as it is always difficult to present new material live. It is usual to allow a record to be well digested and to see what tracks become favourites before risking putting too many songs in the set list. For example in 1990 I think we put five songs in the set list from “Painkiller” but after a week or so on tour we dropped tree songs. Such was the demand for our established songs. Now I guess Priest would be well received if the whole “Painkiller” album was played. Now there’s a thought?

I must say a big thank you to Tom Allom and Mark Dodson for their part in “Defenders” as they too are real Defenders of the faith.



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Amoral - Fallen Leaves & Dead Sparrows
Finnish prog metal with great vocals and melodies. Strange but somehow this has a little Sin After Sin mood onboard.

Enforcer - From Beyond 

Play this to your heavy metal digging friends and claim you have discovered a long lost british heavy band from the early 80's and see them look at you as though you have just showed up with the holy grail. Of course it's all from Sweden and 2015 but you could never tell, old-school metal can still be made sound fresh as on the days it was invented.

Quireboys - St Cecilia and the Gypsy Soul
Three quality albums within three years. Quireboys seems to be going through extremely productive period right now. This time a semi-acoustic, stripped down approach. Quality stuff indeed!

Dio - Strange Highways
Five years have passed since the tragic death Ronnie James Dio. No better way to remember the great man than to spin one of his most underrated records, 1993's dark and supremely melodic "Strange Highways."

Tau Cross - Tau Cross
Really impressive old school riffs with twisted vocals. For fans of Venom, you are gonna love this! Check out the track 'Lazarus' from link below:
'Lazarus' in YouTube



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