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Steel Mill is heading to Steelfest 2016!

Kickstart to your summertime with darkness and blasphemy! The capital of heavy metal, Finland, offers plenty of choices for metalheads throughout the year and one of the best ones is Steelfest Open Air which is held in Southern Finland, Hyvinkää city (or like local folks say ‘Heavynkaa‘). Steelfest is well known as a great starter for metal summer and it raises the bar really high for other fests. This year Steel Mill is joining the massacre and will provide exclusive cover-up with reviews and photos straight from the pit from such bands as Gorgoroth, 1349, Blaspheme, Batushka, Impaled Nazarene, Graveland
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Turbo 30th anniversary!

K.K. comments on “Turbo” -30 years anniversary! Also newly updated “Turbo-era” discography and in depth “Reckless”-column by Ville. K.K.’s personal comments 2016: “The Turbo album was really quite some journey, by that I mean it all started in the south of Spain just outside of Marbella with myself, Glenn and Rob renting a house on the beach. This all sounds pretty nice, but it was cold and out of season… I remember the sessions coming together pretty well, and we eventually compiled enough material for two albums. Then we made the journey over to the Bahamas to record, and eventually
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The Fuel Of The Furnace focus on the 30th anniversary of “Turbo” and “Reckless”

As we celebrate the 30th anniversary of “Turbo”, take a look at The Fuel Of The Furnace focusing on album’s closing track “Reckless.” Check out in depth article on the song, “Turbo” and its legacy with K.K.’s comments included.  What is your opinion on “Reckless”? Do you think its inclusion on Top Gun would have brought Priest and the album even more success? The Fuel Of The Furnace – Reckless
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