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Shiraz Lane – A Steel Mill Interview

There’s obviously something special about Shiraz Lane, a young band playing hard rock in the spirit of the 80s legends such as Skid Row, Guns’n’Roses and Hanoi Rocks. These five Finns in their early twenties have already taken huge steps during their short history: showcase gigs both in Toronto and Tokyo, as well as an appearance at the legendary Wacken Festival. Recently, the band inked a record deal with Frontiers Music, and released their debut album ‘For Crying Out Loud’. Steel Mill had an opportunity to have a chat with vocalist Hannes Kett just when the band was getting prepared for
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Venom Inc.- A Steel Mill Interview

The original members and originators of black metal, guitarist Mantas (Jeff Dunn) and drummer Abbadon (Tony Bray) continue to strive on with their Venom Inc. also including another veteran Venom-member Demolition Man (Tony Dolan). While Venom is still out there led by Cronos, Venom Inc. says there is no dispute and there is room for more than one Venom playing the classic stuff. Heather Williams chatted with the band on their origins, influences, Venom’s colourful history and what the future holds for the band.
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