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Stained Class 1978 Discography

Check out Steel Mill’s updated and comprehensive discography look on Judas Priest’s 1978 classic “Stained Class”! Brand new 2017 comments from K.K. and Les Binks are included. Dig in!
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The Fuel Of The Furnace pt.1: the 40th anniversary of “Sinner”

By 1977 Judas Priest were on the verge of something big. A new deal with CBS Records was signed and the band kicked off new year by recording their third album at Ramport Studios. Former Deep Purple bass player Roger Glover was drafted in to produce. For the first time Priest had a proper record company support behind them and were determined to deliver a ball breaking album. In April they unleashed “Sin After Sin” a beginning of a new era. Read the first part of The Fuel Of The Furnace-series, focusing on the classic Judas Priest number “Sinner”:
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Steel Mill attends Steelfest blasphemy again this year!

Steel Mill is attending again to the best summer starter festival in Finland, a blasphemous Steelfest. Go here to read our last year review. This years roster has been confirmed with following artists: Peste Noire (FRA) Carpathian Forest (NOR) Marduk (SWE) Mgła (POL) Nightbringer (USA) Sinister (HOL) Lvcifyre (UK) Enthroned (BEL) Firespawn (SWE) Cut Up (SWE) Zuriaake (CHI) Necrowretch (FRA) Fin (USA) Shape of Despair Sargeist Skepticism Baptism Purtenance  Anal Blasphemy Korgonthurus Kalmankantaja Azazel Front Thyrane The event is taking place at Hyvinkää, Finland on 19 -20. May 2017, featuring several bands from a limited genre of death-, black- and other obscure. Hyvinkää is
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