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K.K.Downing press release

”First of all, I want to once again express my huge appreciation to all fans worldwide for the overwhelmingly positive response to my Bloodstock appearance in August and the Wolverhampton gig in early November. I am truly humbled and grateful. I am also taken aback with the compelling fan outcry for me to participate in the Judas Priest 50th anniversary celebrations next year. Consequently, I felt the right thing to do was to reach out to my former band-mates to gather their thoughts on this, and their response is they are not receptive to my participation in the band and they
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The Fuel Of The Furnace pt.15: “Alone” on “Nostradamus”

The Fuel Of The Furnace pt. 15 focuses on 2008’s impressive and challenging “Nostradamus” and its key track “Alone”. Check out in-depth article with K.K.’s comments included:
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Diamond Head interview

Diamond Head, one of the pioneers of NWOBHM, got a great new album Coffin Train out now. The band are also having a gig at KK’s Steel Mill on 7th of December 2019. Prior to that Steel Mill had an honour to have a chat with the founding member, guitarist Brian Tatler.
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