Cheap Trick – Bang Zoom Crazy… Hello (Big Machine Records, 2016)

Cheap Trick has always been somewhat of musical chameleon, evoking fans from metal, pop, punk and rock. Oddly, yet entertainingly, named 17th album in order “Bang Zoom Crazy… Hello” shows the versatility of groups ability to bring good old fashioned rock to the masses.

“Bang…” counts at rallying choruses and ZZ Top meets AC/DC like guitarwork. The opening track “Heart On The Line” brings out excellency in groovy guitar work that matches perfectly with Robin Zanders roaring vocals. This IS the track of the whole album and could serve as the most rockin’ piece of summer 2016.

Second, with much more softer and easier vibe, “No Direction Home” gets easily forgotten when third in order, moody and epic rocker “When I Wake Up Tomorrow” brings out one of the best melodies in Cheap Trick’s legendary repertoire.

Maybe a bit desperate effort to try to lure the mainstream sound “Blood Red Lips” still engages your attention with it’s catchy riff (Status Quo might wanna take a listen to this…) and singalong vibe.

Other songs well worth mentioning are the excellent Dobie Gray cover of “The In Crowd” and it’s magical guitar work, “The Sun Never Sets” is a perfect summer rocker and “Roll Me” keeps ya boots rollin’!

“Bang…” lasts conveniently only 39 minutes consisting of 11 songs with no fillers included. To people, who hasn’t yet listened to every single Cheap Trick album from start to finish this would make a great starter to bands discography. “ Bang Zoom Crazy… Hello” is a plain solid and entertaining rock album and band sounds as fresh as ever!


Pete Alander

Heart On The Line
No Direction Home
When I Wake Up Tomorrow
Do You Believe Me?
Blood Red Lips
Sing My Blues Away
Roll Me
The In Crowd
Long Time No See Ya
The Sun Never Sets
All Strung Out