23 years and 11 albums is a fine achievement no matter what band we are talking about. Especially considering the internet and digital age we are now living in. Deicide, the formation – or more like incarnation of evil has spat out albums in what one might say varying success. The first two records “Deicide” (1990) and “Legion” (1992) are still cornerstones of death metal and third one “Once Upon The Cross” (1995) also a landmark in that genre. The same sadly cannot be said in regards to their later product. “The Stench Of Redemption” in 2006 gave some hope for the future but unfortunately the following two albums returned Deicide back to the average middle pack of the death metal tree. The figure of Glen Benton, who for many represents the satanic icon of the genre has a lot to prove with this release.

In 2013 Deicide after several personnel changes are about to go back to where they were when the first albums were originally released. A task not easy to be done. And when fans simply concentrate on the music, they certainly cannot blame them for trying.

After a short intro the tittle track kicks off and things are on the way with fast and furious style. The first few songs all work rather well and Benton spits out his anger with hard intensity. Unfortunately the songs start to repeat themselves as the record proceeds and the whole thing grinds to a halt – although there are some good riffs and guitar solos to be found. The structure of the material is average at best and it feels like the band is just trying too hard.

The lyrics deal with typical blasphemy and the wickedness behind them can be clearly felt with Benton’s angry delivery. The players know their parts and the album as a whole is well produced. The main problem is the songs all sound the same and listener can hardly notice when a track changes to another. The highlights of the album can be found from the beginning and the end, “In The Minds Of Evil” and “Godkill” shine with their speed and brutality. Also two last songs of the record “Kill The Light Of Christ” and “End The Wrath Of God” luckily return the album back to its right track.

A fan can let a sign of relief after the album has spun its course. “In The Minds Of Evil” is definitely among the best efforts Deicide has released. However, the gap between this and the best albums the band delivered more than 20 years ago is still so huge, only the most devoted followers might be able to draw more from this album than what it actually is: an average death metal album.



1.In The Minds Of Evil
2.Thou Begone
4.Beyond Salvation
5.Misery Of One
6.Between The Flesh And The Void
7.Even The Gods Can Bleed
8.Trample The Cross
9.Fallen To Silence
10.Kill The Light Of Christ
11.End The Wrath Of God