HAILING from the birthplace of heavy metal, Birmingham is a promising gene for Devil’s Dice, band with ten years of existence behind them. According to the band themselves, their influences range from Accept and Thin Lizzy to obviously Judas Priest and Saxon.

Songs are reminiscent of all these benchmarks and have that Priest sound more akin to the lighter, commercial side of the band. Vocalist Matt Gore sounds professional enough, although I would have liked a bit more bite and spark in some places. But this is a minor thing. His voice reminds me a bit of MSG’s Gary Barden, which suits this kind of classic sounding metal just fine.

Guitar riffs sometimes recall classic Accept and then spin off into more commercial sounding territory. Songs are surprisingly catchy and although they don’t strike you in the gut at first sight, they circle and creep into your subconscious over subsequent listening sessions.

The band have used a drum machine here and unfortunately sound sometimes gives this away. On some songs the flat drum delivery distracts and draws your attention away from otherwise good material. And there is some worthwhile material herein. Best songs are the opening couplet “Feed The Flames” (now there is a good title!) and “Passive Resistance.” Also album’s title cut “Libertarian” has catchy rhythm and bounces on with conviction.

Overall this is good stuff, with real drummer behind them, some more live experience added and Devil’s Dice are onto a good thing.


Devil's Dice - Libertarian album cover

1. Feed The Flames
2. Passive Resistance
3. I Walk Alone
4. Forbidden Memory
5. Libertarian
6. Chameleon (Right About You)
7. Hour Of The Wolf
8. Destiny Calling
9. Hangin’ On Too Long
10. The Crudge
11. Matter Of Faith



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