Fatboy – Moments (Razzia, 2016)

Fatboy’s guitarist Hannu “Kerry King Of Rockabilly” Kiviaho and a bastard child of Elvis and Roy Orbison, singer Thomas Pareigis has once again wrote nearly perfect album full of rock ’n roll anthems. A band, that was never supposed to release an album, unleashed in 2016 ‘Moments’ which holds the order of being 5th in their admiring repertoire of top-quality discography.

Like previous albums from this pride of Sweden, you get a wide range of everything. From faster rock classics to bluesy rollers and shivering ballads.

The origins and ideology to their process of songwriting comes not only from rockabilly, since Hannu told in an interview to SVT News they have gathered up influences from various genres, such as heavy metal. Man can easily spot these elements from their previous albums and in ‘Moments’ songs like ‘Cruel Love’, ‘Pulling Back the Reins’ and ‘Summertime Bop’ includes rough guitarwork, pounding drum work and hard rock energy. As I have witnessed this band live, their performance is something phenomenal and especially mind-opening for a metalhead.

Mainly in ‘Moments’, Fatboy relies on the basics of a high-quality songwriting and fitting rest of the band perfectly into the concept. If you have a song with a bit harder sound, the next one might be totally different, yet they work together like a charm. ‘Dreaming Like I Did’ and ‘Moment That Counts’ are great examples how Fatboy can turn the course of the album but still maintain the main route they are in.

Talking about moody melodies. Fatboy has a history of writing spine-chilling ballads like legendary ‘Last Train Home’ and ‘The Wolf Is At The Door’. ‘Moments’ offers an instant classic in the form of ‘The Romantics’. A very typical sad love story yet the perfect sound of Thomas delivers strength and impact and makes this as one of the highlights of ‘Moments’.

There has always been a pinch of movie soundtrack in Fatboy’s sounds and music. In this album the thrilling ‘Black Hole’ is something straight out of a Tarantino movie and the whole album would work perfectly in a dark and little twisted western movie.

So far Fatboy have not yet released a weak album and time will tell how ‘Moments’ will survive in their catalogue. Some songs might still need a bit growing on me but this is a strong and tight musical entirety and highly recommended to anyone who enjoys music well written and performed.



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  1. Cruel Love
  2. Dreaming Like I Did
  3. Pulling Back The Reins
  4. Moment That Counts
  5. A Little Place
  6. Summertime Bop
  7. Black Hole
  8. Lovely One
  9. No Regrets
  10. The Romantics
  11. Blind Hopes
  12. Last Song On The Record