GlassBullet hail from the birth place of heavy metal, Birmingham, UK. They are a 4-piece hard rock set up and will shortly release their brand new EP “Black Eyes.” They have steadfastly climbed up the heavy rock ladder. Group’s debut EP “Misguided” came out in 2012 and busy touring schedule has followed since then.

Title track opens the proceedings and is catchy mid-tempo rocker, which slowly grinds its way into your subconscious. Guitars sound punchy, production is sharp and to the point. Guitar riffs dominate and atmosphere changes from light into heavier darkness quickly creating interesting counterpoint. Vocalist Lewis Ward carries enough grit and power to let these melodies soar. Also guitar solo has that classic kind or rock tune which I like.

Second track “Pride & Pain” again impresses with excellent guitar sound and heavy riffs and “SID” takes the experimenting further with a 1980’s sounding melodic opening before we move to another tasteful groove. Guitar solo must be mentioned here as well, have to admire lead guitarist Ben Evans’ playing. The slower part almost sounds like Alice In Chains but threatens to go off curve any second.

Finally “Shot In The Dark” completes the EP and has faster rhythm. I’m repeating myself here, but Evans really knows his business. Chorus melody is very nice and is left ringing in your ears, this one must go down great when played live.

This band knows what groove is as all songs – rather than go for more obvious speed and high pitched vocals – impress with their heavy riffs and slower arrangements whilst still retaining a classic hard rock tone. With today’s music getting stuffed with too much extra, it’s always refreshing to hear melodic, heavy and good down-to-the-bone hard rock.

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1.Black Eyes
2.Pride & Pain
4.Shot In The Dark




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