Review By Ville Krannila / February 2016

Birmingham’s Hostile have roots in the Midlands sharp as steel heavy metal industry. Their extreme metal while on the surface seems very different to Black Country’s traditional bands, actually drives forward with same spirit and essence. Their first record “Eve Of Destruction” was produced by none other than K.K. Downing and got positive reviews from all across the globe. Now it’s time to see whether group’s direction remains focused with all important second release “The New World Disorder.” Downing has once again returned to the driver’s seat and the overall scope remains the same so let’s jump right in.

There are only seven tracks on offer, the last being a cover of Judas Priest’s “Blood Stained.” This helps to keep the end result tight and focused, with Hostile’s musical style it is also somewhat of a necessity. “The New World Disorder” continues band’s Pantera-influenced route, with some more melodic and traditional elements thrown in. Compared to first record, this one is more versatile effort. Vocalist Jay Mills displays good sense of raw aggression and guitars by Ben Evans and AJ Mills saw and grind in perfect unison. Third track “Freedom Act” has smooth fast-paced rhythm and is a good indication where this group might be heading in the future.

The album’s relatively short length actually works in group’s favour as intensity has more room to grow on you and listener can easily be drawn in for another spin. “Blood Stained” originating from Priest’s 1997’s “Jugulator” album is a obvious choice for Hostile carrying slight Pantera-edge anyway. Band plays it faithfully and arrangement very close to the original song. I might have preferred a more different approach, but a good song is a good song no matter how many times you turn it around. Downing has pushed production focus on the song arrangements and dynamics, which shows. Sound picture is well balanced and songs ring loud enough.

Hostile within genre has found comfortable spot to stand on. If anything the group might want to stretch their creative muscles even more with their next release. For now “The New World Disorder” will certainly satisfy those graving for well-played groove and aggression added with a slight touch of sophistication.


1. Lamb To The Slaughter
2. All Seeing
3. Freedom Act
4. To Your Knees
5. Ego
6. Diementia
7. Blood Stained