Day 1 of Steelfest Open Air 2008 pictures


Steel Mill entered the gates of true Hell and mayhem when town and municipality Hyvinkää of Finland hosted an extreme metal festival Open Air Steelfest 2018. The town is located in the Uusimaa region, approximately 50 kilometres (30 mi) north of the capital Helsinki. The population of 46 600 habitants in Hyvinkää exceeds temporarily every year to 50 000 when Steelfest is held during May with it’s approx 4000 guests.

This was the seventh Steelfest in a row. Number seven might be the most significant number across religions but this was not the case in Steelfest. All tickets sold and metalheads dressed more blacker than black were witnessing the blasphemy with 25 bands from several different countries.

First day started with a local act Havukruunu and ended with Norwegian iconic Mortiis who performed an exclusive “Spirit who did rebellion” -show. Throughout the day the most notable acts were Finnish cult classic act Satanic Warmaster and Swedish Watain. Other bands (exclude Cohol, One Master and Baise Ma Hache) presented with pictures were Australian classic Deströyer 666, Ukrainian Nokturnal Mortum, Archgoat also from Finland and Slovakian Malokarpatan.

Enjoy and hail Satan!

All pictures at Steel Mill Facebook page!