Kreator – The Circus, Helsinki February 10, 2017


by Pete Alander


One of Thrash Metal’s finest acts and longest survivor Kreator has just released extremely well reviewed album “Gods of Violence”. It is a package full of roaring metal anthems such as “Satan Is Real”, brutally fast “Totalitarian Terror” and an homage to legends that are not among us anymore “Fallen Brother”.

Kreator is currently touring in Europe together with Aborted, Soilwork and Sepultura. I stopped by in Helsinki, where I got the chance to witness my first ever Kreator show. As a long time fan it was about the time to get some extreme aggression.

When Kreator started their teutonic evening the place was completely packed with older and younger fans. In front row you could spot fathers and sons hailing to the thrash legends when starter “Hordes of Chaos” launched the evening. After iconic “Phobia” it was time to introduce two songs from “Gods of Violence” album: “Satan is Real” and the title track both hit hard and deserved their place in the setlist.


On the other hand my personal favorite “People of the Lie” from 1990 album “Coma of Souls” still sounded as fresh as back then. Maybe even better with a bit rougher sound that it is in the album.

“Phantom Antichrist”, legendary “Extreme Aggression” and a song that could be a from controversial “Endorama” album “From Flood Into Fire” all set the standards high for any thrash act ever.

Mille Petrozzas singing was brutally perfect in each song and he fed the crowd just as a legendary frontman should. On the other hand, guitarist Sami Yli-Sirniö might not look like a stereotypical thrash guitarist he damn well is one of genres finest. He has brought some melodic, yet insane riffs to Kreator’s catalogue since the day he joined early 2000’s. Together with bass player Christian “Speesy” Giesler and drummer Jürgen “Ventor” Reil Kreator forms a tight live group cannot be beaten for many years to come.