SOILWORK/ALL THAT REMAINS – Helsinki 7.12.2010

text by KALLE BOMAN, photos by Susanna Honkasalo

That tuesday night in Nosturi club, Helsinki offered a heavily metalcore-balanced night, when Soilwork and co. delivered their gigs. My own expectations for the night were rather high, since the second last performer of the night, All That Remains has been a big personal favourite for a few years already. Not that the main act Soilwork wouldn’t hit the spot, but as for personal preference ATR had the initial edge.

The venue was sold out which, when you looked at the line-ups, was no wonder. There were probably also a bunch of people who were left without a ticket alltogether as Nosturi isn’t too big a place – still a good choice for a venue since bands like this work the best on a club setting.

To kick off the night were Bleed From Within from Glasgow, Scotland. You could compare them with american bands Suicide Silence or As I Lay Dying, as the style was pretty similar. At first, despite a fiery on-stage performance the band had difficulties getting the audience ignited, but at the end of the set even a moshpit was set in motion.

After the scots it was time for germans. Naera got off with a really strong start and that had an immediate effect on the audience as the german quintet blasted out their half an hour set of melodic death metal quite effortlessly. The supporting acts had indeed quite short times on stage, but that seems to be the case almost every time nowadays.

After Naera bowed out to a thunderous applause, one of the top dogs of modern german metal – Caliban – climbed on the stage. Personally, I had not gotten too familiar with the band before, but after the gig was through I could see myself buying their albums in the future. During the Caliban set there was some rather furious moshpitting going on, as well as a Wall of Death – a familar part of many bands’ shows nowadays – whereas I myself observed the chaotic masses from the safety of an upper balcony. As it goes, the sets of bands kept getting longer as the night rolled on and the people got to admire Caliban for almost an hour.


My own night climaxed with the next performer. Belonging to the very spearhead of U.S. metalcore, All That Remains grabbed the audience so hard that I doubt anyone was left to question the band’s talent. The group offered a well-balanced set of older and newer material – ‘Become A Catalyst’ or ‘This Calling’ from four years ago were surging with energy while stuff like ‘Forever In Your Hands’ shifted the proceedings to a moodier side for a while. The performance came to an end with ATR’s probably most famous song ‘Two Weeks’ and the band left behind a big horde of sweaty guys (and a few ladies as well) shouting the classic ‘We Want More’ chant to a rhythm of clapping hands.


After 11 pm. the main act of the evening, swedish Soilwork was up next. It would take a lot to beat All That Remains’ performance and I was eager to see whether the swedes were up for the task. I got the impression that there were probably more people watching the Soilwork show but the overall mood and energy present in the audience wasn’t quite as strong as with ATR. In the end, Soilwork’s performance was solid but nothing mind-blowing. Their latest material was well-received, after all the band’s most recent album ‘The Panic Broadcast’ is a skillful offering. Had I gotten to know Soilwork’s discography a bit better prior to the gig it might’ve sunken in somewhat harder, however the whole night was well worth the ticket price and everyone seemed to get their money’s worth of metal.


Gigs like this are also a great opportunity to familiarize oneself with interesting new bands and this time around I got intorduced to three of that sort. And like I mentioned earlier, a club setting is a perfect one for bands of this caliber so hopefully there will be more nights like this coming up in the future. A 9/10 evening!

All That Remains setlist:

Now Let Them Tremble
For We Are Many
Hold On
Aggressive Opposition
This Calling
The Air That I Breathe
Forever in Your Hands
Become the Catalyst
Some of the People, All of the Time
Two Weeks

Soilwork setlist:

Late for the Kill, Early for the Slaughter
Night Comes Clean
As We Speak
The Flameout
The Crestfallen
Two Lives Worth of Reckoning
Let This River Flow
Bastard Chain
Stabbing the Drama