Steelfest Open Air 19-20.05 2017, Hyvinkää Finland



  • Peste Noire (FRA)
  • Carpathian Forest (NOR)
  • Marduk (SWE)
  • Mgła (POL)
  • Nightbringer (USA)
  • Sinister (HOL)
  • Lvcifyre (UK)
  • Enthroned (BEL)
  • Firespawn (SWE)
  • Cut Up (SWE)
  • Zuriaake (CHI)
  • Necrowretch (FRA)
  • Fin (USA)
  • Shape of Despair (FIN)
  • Sargeist (FIN)
  • Skepticism (FIN)
  • Baptism (FIN)
  • Purtenance (FIN)
  • Anal Blasphemy (FIN)
  • Korgonthurus (FIN)
  • Kalmankantaja (FIN)
  • Azazel (FIN)
  • Front (FIN)
  • Thyrane (FIN)





World capital of heavy metal, Finland and it’s small town Hyvinkää was privileged to open this year metal summer season with Steelfest. An extreme and underground festival with the most brutal and evil bands from Finland, USA, France, Poland, Norway, UK, Holland, Belgium, Sweden and even from China.  


Steelfest anno domini 2017 was filled with 25 bands around the world playing at indoor and outdoor stages. This year headliners included Peste Noire, Carpathian Forest, Marduk and Mgla. Friday started with infamous performance by Azazel (Google it) and it reminded me quite a lot of last years Saturday opening act Bat & Ryyd. They might’ve been even the same band…

Fiery performances by Finnish Korgonthurus (KKK) and Necrowretch (KKK) were much better openers for this fest.



Zuriaake (KKKK), hailing all the way from China, was thrilling not only by their visual presence but with their atmospheric sounds. Zuriaake is highly recommended by yours truly, especially live. Sargeist (KKK) kicked ass as their show was well played and felt like you were involved in a satanic mass. Thyrane (KKKK) was a very pleasant surprise with brutal performance earning the most craziest audience show far.



I gotta admit, Funeral Doom is really not my cup of tea but despite being very open minded it was pretty hard to watch Shape of Despair’s (KK) hypnotic show. Luckily I was a minority and the band gathered a good bunch of mourners. Swedish supergroup Firespawn (KKK) had a great time on stage and gave a solid and powerful performance. Nightbringer (KKK) gave a lesson of blasphemy but after Firespawn’s more energetic act I needed a beer break before legendary Marduk (KKKK) hit the outdoor stage in already darkened evening. Marduk is just pure 100% evil on stage.

Fridays last act, Peste Noire (KKK) might not have such strong material in their albums but is in fact really amazing live band and great to watch. Sadly you could see some dumb c*nts in the audience throwing salutes to old Adolf but when ignoring them you could just enjoy the show.



Kalmankantaja (KKKK) was a pleasant surprise as the opening act of Saturday. It is not an easy slot, since most of the people were still trying to cure their hangovers. I managed to have a chat with the band and they were truly pleased how many people came to see them. Unfortunately I missed a few following bands. I heard Anal Blasphemy was a killer act and I promised myself never miss an AB show again!

Cut Up (KKK) and Lvcifyre (KKK) were full on roar death metal testosterone and fired the moshpit while Skepticism (KK) was again someone else’s cup of tea. Don’t get me wrong though, all festivals do need different kind of performers and Steelfest could actually book bands with even more variation in mind.



Behexen (KKK) having strong material gave maybe a bit routine show but proved that Black Metal is not just a guy thing. Sinister (KKK) seemed to enjoy their time at stage but it was Enthroned (KKKK) that kicked some major ass with their tight and brutal act.

As the festival was turning towards the end my personally most anticipated act from Poland, Mgla (KKKKK) blasted quite expressionless yet seriously haunting show. Carpathian Forest (KKKK) was the perfect band to end this year’s most evil festival.



Steelfest is a great starter for Europe’s upcoming summer festival season. After two days of blasting extreme metal it is quite hard to see any other kind of bands. My thoughts and unholy prayers are with the organizers to keep this fest happening in future years.

Despite the fact that Steelfest summons tourists all over the world, fills all accommodation services of the area and gives a good economical and public relations boost to Hyvinkää, the town still forbids this glorious festival and doesn’t acknowledge it in their advertising. There is not a single mention of Steelfest in town’s event calendar. Being a hometown boy, I feel ashamed.

Hail Satan!

All pictures by Pete Alander