Christer from Sweden


A true rocker from Sweden!

Name: Christer Göransson

Age: 41 (42 in September)

Location: Sweden

Occupation: Dreamer

When did you first start listening to Judas Priest?

In 1978. I remember a local hardrock band in my hometown, who were playing this song in their setlist. It sounded so good that I had to ask if it really was their own song. No, they said, it’s a coversong from a band called Judas Priest. It was called Starbreaker, and since that I was hooked.

What does the music of Judas Priest mean to You?

Musically it means everything to me. They are, and will be, the most perfect band performing and recording music ever, and for me, no one or nothing can come close to Rob Halford when it comes to vocal performance.

Speaking of vocal performance, you’ve been a heavy metal singer yourself for years?

Well, I started out back in 1981 with my band Mindless Sinner. We were not a big act, but we did 3 albums. Those were re-released by a German record company in 2003, packed with live and demo stuff. I´ve been in several bands since we gave up Mindless Sinner in 1990, and recorded with bands like Skinny Horse, Fluff, Demental and Everlone. In fact, we are reforming Everlone again but that’s more a punk-metal act like The Wildhearts or Green Day, for example.


I also applied for the vocalist job of Judas Priest when they were looking for a new singer after Rob left. A friend of mine, Kecke Ljungberg, who also is a huge Priest fan, helped me out, and we recorded a 4 track demo which was sent to the band twice, first in 1993 and then in 1996. Even if I knew that they wouldn’t choose me for their singer, it was cool when bands management replied to me both times. And we all know who got the job: it certainly wasn’t me (he he he). It was cool to know that the band had been listening to my tape. That was enough for me.

Mindless Sinner

Have You ever seen Priest live and from those, what was your best experience?

I´ve seen them several times, and the first time was in 1984 in Stockholm. That one, as well as the gig in London Royal Albert Hall in 2006, were just awesome. And, of course, the reunion tour at the Sweden Rock Festival 2004 was great as well. Other moments to remember were the times when I got to meet the band in 2001 and 2005.

You also have a quite big record collection. When did you start collecting old records?

I have always bought all the official Priest releases, but I didn’t start to collect in a big way until 1986-87. And now I’m a proud owner of a big JP collection. I think that I have 860 different pressings of their records + all the t-shirts, badges tourbooks etc. Some people say it’s a sickness but it is a good sickness in my book. My records make me feel good. I haven’t been updating the site for a while but you can check out most of it on my website JUDAS PRIEST COLLECTORS PAGE.

That really is an impressive collection! Are there any special items you perhaps consider more valuable than others? For example some rare hard-to-get records…

I don´t really know if something is more valuable than the others, but one of the rarest vinyls that I’ve got is a Swedish pressing of Sad Wings Of Destiny released by Planet Records. It is a misprint: the b-side actually plays the b-side of Rocka Rolla, even though the label shows the tracklist from Sad Wings. That one is pretty cool. Then I have tons of obscure pressings from different countries, from India and South Africa just to name a few. And many rare 7″ singles and cds etc. Maybe Demolition and Angel Of Retribution albums signed by the band are the most valuable items, however.

What is your favourite Priest album and song?

My favourite album is Stained Class, and my favourite song is Beyond The Realms Of Death (+ all other songs by the mighty Priest)

…and the last one: your message to K.K. and the Steel Mill Staff?

Well, thanks for having me in the Fan Profile, and to K.K I just have to say that you are true class. I have met you twice. The first time was in Norrköping Sweden on the Demolition tour in 2001 where you took the time to chat for a while. The second time was in London at the Royal Albert Hall, where I just briefly said hello when you were heading for the limo to take you back to the hotel. Can’t wait to see you on the next tour. All the best to you and the mighty Priest. And to the Steel Mill workers, Defend and keep up the good work!

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