Mike from Holland

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Take On The JudasPriestWorld.com!

Name: Mike Clark

Age: 48

Location: Holland

Occupation: Internet entrepreneur

Tell us something about your history as a Judas Priest fan?

I discovered Judas Priest in the late seventies, when they released Unleashed in the East. It was the time of all these great live albums, Status Quo’s Live, Deep Purple’s Made in Japan, Motorhead’s No sleep till Hammersmith, UFO´s Strangers in the Night, Kiss Alive 2 etc.
The power and electricity of the first live album by Judas Priest was a milestone in the history of Heavy Metal!

So it was these classic livealbums that brought you into the metal music. What makes Judas Priest stand out from all those other great bands mentioned earlier?

Rob’s unique voice, those high screams were totally new, something that had never been heard before. It blew me away.

Are there any special Priest-related moments, for example concerts or albums, that you remember?

There are several, but the concert during their Turbo tour in 1986 in New York was one of the highlights. The audience were throwing firecrackers on the floor all the time, you can hear it on the bootleg. It was like a warzone…

Two years earlier they were fired from playin in Madison Square Gardens… These NY fans… are awesome.

You are about to launch a new website called judaspriestworld.com. Could you tell us more about this project?

It is a huge project we started some 5 months ago. The website will come online this year to celebrate Priest’s 40th anniversary. It covers all the things you ever wanted to know about Judas Priest and Halford’s solo years.

We have webpages about bootlegs, memorabilia, videos, fan art, magazine covers and a lot of unseen pictures and video material. We use the latest internet technologies to offer the visitors a great site, and that is the reason why it took so long to put it online. The site is online now.

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Is it hard to find old material which hasn’t been published yet?

Yes it is, because you have to search for people who were involved in the metal scene some 30 years ago. Some, like Ray Palmer for example, have already passed away, some are retired, and some you need to travel to and, actually, knock at their door to get this rare material. But I can promise you that we already have a lot of unique pics, and they will go online during the next months.

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Are there other fans involvolved in judaspriestworld.com, or is it just you behind this website?

Yes, there are fans from all over the world: Germany, Canada, Japan, the USA, etc. who deliver us a lot of unseen pictures, video material etc. They all get a special 40th anniversary Polo shirt from us. This brotherhood of Priest fans was one of my ideas to launch the site.

That’s great, a real fan to fan site. Could you tell about those other ideas behind launching this site?

Fans helping fans, it is just great. Many fans want to travel around to see the band live in some other country, we can help them to get in touch with fans from everywhere who, again, can help them to get concert tickets, to find a sleeping place or a hotel etc.

So you’re taking care of the technical aspects only, while most of the material is brought in by various fans around the globe?

Yes that´s right. Me myself and I took pictures on the 1981 tour and collected all the Kerrangs, Metal Hammers and Circus magazines from the eighties But most of the material comes from Priest fans.

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If there’s a reader who wants to send material to your site, who should they contact?


What are your plans and visions about this website, and what should we expect in the future?

Every week we will update the site with a new picture gallery, because we have so many unseen pictures in our archives. Also, the memorabilia pages need to be uploaded within the next few months. I will also visit again the ‘Temple of Priest’ in Germany. My friend Maniee, has a magnificent collection, something you have never seen before. Truely awesome. (editors note: this ‘Temple Of Priest’ was featured in Steel Mill’s very first Fan Profile, April 2007)

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How much work does it requires to put up all this material?

Each day, about 4 hours.

That’s a lot of work, especially when we’re talking about a hobby… Do you ever feel exhausted creating this site after a normal workingday?

As long as I love it, there is no problem.

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What does the music of Judas Priest mean to you?

A voyage into emotions.

What is your favorite album and song?

Point of Entry, British Steel, Nostradamus, Turbo… favourite songs: Conquest, Solar Angels, Desert Plains, Turbo Lover, Metal Gods

Your message to K.K. and the Millworkers?

To KK: thanks for all these great moments you’ve been giving us.
Millworkers: a great site, you are the best.