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Steel Mill interviews vocalist Cam Pipes

Interview by Kimmo Tattari / March 2012

Long Live Heavy Metal – proclaims the new album by 3 Inches of Blood, and the way the record sounds it’s clear that the band stands behind the statement solid as a ton of metal. With this killer new album and a tour to back it up, 3IOB will definitely be one of the bands to watch in 2012. Steel Mill caught up with vocalist Cam Pipes and asked what’s up.

The title of your new album, Long Live Heavy Metal, might sound like an ultimate cliché, but hearing songs like ‘Metal Woman’, ‘Leather Lord’ or ‘Dark Messenger’, for example, truly validates it’s use. With this new album you have reunited with producer Terry Murray. How was the work with him?

Pretty relaxed overall. We all had a good sense of what this album was gonna be like before we recorded it. We feel like we’re veterans at this point with an established and recognizable sound, so co-producing this record with Terry seemed like a natural step for us.?

Using of harsh vocals has became a kind of trademark for your music. Where did you get the idea, and was it there already from the start of the band?

I wouldn’t necessarily say the harsh vocals are a trademark for us it’s just something we’ve had the whole time. Maybe it’s just that our vocal styles are more unique. Blending the harsher vocals with traditional metal song writing wasn’t really happening when this band started.

Bassist Byron Stroud from Fear Factory and Strapping Young Lad is the newest addition to 3IOB line-up. What is the story behind this change?

Byron’s been a friend of the band for many years and has actually filled in on a tour we did a few years ago. For quite a while he’s expressed to us the desire to play a more permanent role in the band, but was involved in other projects. Just as we were finishing up recording, Byron told us he was gonna free himself from his other projects so he could play bass with us.

I guess having a long beard wasn’t a bad thing when choosing a new guy?

Having a beard has never been a requirement, but it does make a person more masculine and wise. Our drummer, Ash, didn’t have a beard when he joined the band, but he decided to grow one after a while. Although we never suggested he needed to grow it.

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Your vocals are quite unique, actually pretty close to the classic ‘Painkiller era’ Rob Halford. Is this vocal sound just a gift, or does it take a lot of practice to hit all those high notes?

I’m very fortunate I’m able to sing like this. I never had training, its just something I discovered I could do, but had to work on it and teach myself to control it and do it better.

Rob Halford has also given very positive comments about the pipes you got. It must have felt great to receive this kind of feedback?

We heard Rob Halford talk about us on a radio show and speak so highly of us and about my vocals. It fully validated our band’s existence. Coming from Rob, it’s probably the best comments we’ve ever had about us.

Speaking about Judas Priest, what are your favorite Priest albums or songs?

I tend to listen to Priest albums in phases, so its hard to pick an absolute favorite. There will be times when I’m listening to a certain album a lot. During the recording of our latest record, I was listening to a lot of Turbo and Ram It Down, two very underrated albums that shouldn’t be dismissed.

In 2009 Nike released ‘Blood Oncore High’ sneakers. How did this unusual collaboration start?

Nike’s 6.0 line has some snowboarders and skateboarders that they sponsor. One of their team riders suggested they do a shoe for us and so Nike approached us about collaborating on a shoe design

How is the metal scene in Canada nowadays? We have noticed the Anvil’s new rise, but are there many upcoming new bands around?

Canada is very large, but with a small, spread out population, so it’s difficult for us to know what’s going on in most parts of the country. There’s some great bands from our hometown of Vancouver, some you‘ve probably heard of and some maybe not. Bison BC, Haggatha, Tyrants Blood, Ancients…

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With the new album 3IOB will be on the road again, and after a long wait there will be also European dates included on your schedule…

We have a 3 week European tour from May 5-26. This will be our first full tour in Europe where we will be the headlining band. We’re bringing a very devastating line up with us. We have our good friends Goatwhore, label mates from Spain, Angelus Apatrida, and up and coming US thrashers Havok.

Thanks a lot Cam!


Where from:Canada

Active: 2000 ->
Style: heavy metal
www: see above
3iob_butws Battlecry Under a Winter Sun (2002)On their debut album the band introduces two vocalists, Cam Pipes (high pitched) and Jamie Hooper (screaming). Production could be better, but still a must-have for the fans. The album has lots of NWOBHM influences, and it closes with the live favourite “Balls of Ice”.
3iob_aav Advance and Vanquish (2004)The harmony of the two extreme vocalists is stunning on this album. Lots of influences from 80’s metal. Features the Running Wildesque trilogy “Upon The Boiling Sea” and arguably the band’s biggest hit “Deadly Sinners”.
3iob_futb Fire Up the Blades (2007)The last album to feature two vocalists. This time they added influences from thrash, speed and even death metal without abandoning the original 3IoB sound. The band’s most furious album features the song “Goatrider’s Horde”, that is recommended for all “Painkiller” fans.
3iob_hwtd Here Waits Thy Doom (2009)The first album with only Cam on vocals. The band comes back to more traditional heavy / speed metal sound. Features killer songs like “Silent Killer” and “Battles and Brotherhood”, but is not as strong as the two previous albums as a whole.
3iob_llhm Long Live Heavy Metal (2012)The new 3IOB album sees the band reach new levels in their music, as the result is an excellent slab of smoking hot heavy metal. Read our full review here.