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a Steel Mill interview

Interview By Kimmo Tattari / September 2010

At least since the release of ‘Rest In Sleaze’ debut in 2004, Crashdiet has been a leading force in the swedish ‘sleaze metal’ scene. In the middle of their hectic summer tour drummer Eric Young found some time to talk Steel Mill about Crashdiet’s eventful history and the brand new studio album ‘Generation Wild’.  

You have just released a brand new album called ’Generation Wild’. How are the feelings at the Crashdiet camp right now? 

Its freakin awesome I can tell you… we are right in the middle of a tour with our battle-buds Bullet. Great guys, great music, great fun!

This is your third album, and with a third vocalist as well. Do you consider this as a new start for the band?

IWell, not really a ”new” start, but definitely a relaunch with a totally new energy… We haven’t been this tight as a band, both musically and persona-wise since the start with Dave (Lepard)… Simon (Cruz) came in and just simply glued the pieces together perfectly…

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Let’s dig into your history for a while. You started at the early years of this millenium, right?

Yep, Dave started the project back in 2000… then with a couple of member changes he found us other guys in 2002/2003: me, Martin (Sweet/guitar) and Peter (London/bass). We started writing songs and the new strength and songs led to a deal with Universal in 2004. The first album was released in 2005, the second in 2007, and now the third in 2010!

Personally I consider your debut ‘Rest In Sleaze’ a perfect example of a flawless glamrock album, with no fillers at all. How do you feel about it nowadays?

I really love that album… it really captured the band and Dave from that era… We were really on a roll then and it really shows if you listen to this album… great times…

The strong and promising start of your career almost stopped in early 2006, when the vocalist Dave Lepard committed suicide. Did you have any clues about the problems Dave was dealing with, or did this come as a total surprise?

We knew he had problems, but never thought it would end this way…

Was it a hard decicion to carry on with Crashdiet, especially when Dave had been your main songwriter?

Yes, but not because of that reason… but many others. We had just lost a dear friend, and brother… our worlds were turned upside down.

Crashdiet livein Helsinki 2007 © Kimmo Tattari 

In 2007 Olliver Twisted took the vocal duties, and your second album ‘The Unattractive Revolution’ was released. Olliver’s career as the Crashdiet frontman wasn’t very long. Why did your paths separate?

He simply did not have the same direction as us… and you can’t have two different directions coming from the same band… it was bound to crash…

In ‘Unattractive Revolution’ you had Mick Mars from Mötley Crue playing the guitar on a couple of tracks. What was the story behind Mick’s appearance? He was also credited as a songwriter for these two tracks, ‘I don’t care’ and ‘Alone’…

He wanted to write with other bands, so his people talked to our people… and it all is a fact! And as you say, the result was ’I don’t care’ and ‘Alone’…

Let’s get back to the present line-up. You have now Simon Cruz in the ranks. How was the process of selecting a new vocalist?

We had our eyes on Simon already from the pre-Olli era… but he was too busy with his other band then and chose to focus on that at the time… But this time around actually he called us asking if the offer still was valid… Months of trial started… Drinking, writing music, hanging… to ensure he was our man…. And he was!

Tell us something about Simon’s musical background, and what new he brings into Crashdiet’s music? 

Thats a question you’re better off asking Simon, but I know he has been in bands such as ‘Jailbat’, ’T.I.T.S.’ and lived in London for a couple of years persuing his music career working at old theaters and stuff…

As I said before he really came in and sealed the gap really well in this band… he just lifted us up to another level… I think you really can tell by listening to the album where you really hear his talent and passion for what he does!

How was the songwriting this time? Is there a certain typical formula how a new Crashdiet song builds?

Martin and Simon share apartments so they do a lot of writing together.. and I do a lot of writing in my studio… Then we either work together on finalizing songs, or the songs come all done… so there really isn’t a typical formula for how our music comes about… its quite random…

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How about the international release of ‘Generation Wild’?

Frontiers Records are handling most of the European releases and KING Records does Japan… The states is in the plans of getting its share of Generation Wild, but at the moment its still only plans… The US is a tough market 😉

I suppose you’re going out on a tour as well?

Yes! We are currently on a tour in Sweden and when that ends in the end of August, we have a week in South America, after that the UK then Russia… Then back to Sweden to do another intesive tour in Scandinavia…

Obviously you guys are quite familiar with all the glam/metal bands of the 80s and 90s… As we are doing this interview for the K.K. Downing’s Steel Mill, I have to ask about your relationship to Judas Priest’s music?

Judas Priest rocks! The Leatherkings for sure…

Thank you Eric!

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