Apr 2011

Hi Everyone!

Well as the headline says, it’s time to congratulate all concerned including you of course, as we head into our 4th year anniversary of the Steel Mill. It’s been a very eventful 4 years as most of you know; we have had over 50 great artists visit us on the site and had lots of great features. Now we are heading into another great year for the Steel Mill with tons of more cool things in store.

As you all know the festivals will soon be kicking off again and I am pleased to see some new events and locations. Be sure to get yourselves to as many as you can to see all of the great bands that will be out there. Of course Priest will be there also giving it everything for you as usual.

Great news! Alex Hill, Ian’s son, has joined the band Hostile and I can honestly say that he follows in his father’s footsteps admirably as he is certainly a kick ass bass player.

Just a quick but important word on the Japan disaster; please help if you can by making a donation however small to assist the restoration of this wonderful country. Priest has been to Japan many times to experience the unprecedented hospitality and to play for some of the most appreciative metal fans in the world. Here´s a fan letter I received from Japan:

Dear Mr.Downing.

Hi! I’m 19 years old and I am admitted to a university. I write you an e-mail
again. 11th of March, we had a very strong earthquake. The earthquake and Tsunami
destroyed our country, especially Tohoku area. Fortunately, I survived because I live in Kanto area, but many people died in Tohoku area and people who survived are still there. They lost family, friends, house, money, etc. It is so sad…

Therefore, I have a wish. A short time ago, I was so sad when I heard about the Judas Priest Farewell Tour. But now, I woud like Judas Priest to encourage Japan!!! If you don’t mind, please play “One Shot At Glory”! These lyrics encourage not only a metal fan but also all people, currently especially the Japanese! I understand it is very self-centered. But impoverished Japan needs courage!

Finally, I am looking for your world tour whether my wish will come true or not!
Thank You!!

Yutaro Aizawa, Japan.

As always my sincere gratitude to all of the Millworkers for their undying dedication.

Have a fantastic metal season, regards


ps. Ralf Scheepers has a new solo album out so be sure to check that one out!