September 2016

Remembering Sin After Sin-album

“Roger Glover from Deep Purple as producer, wow! Does this mean we are making some progress? The answer, of course, is yes too right, not to mention Simon Phillips on drums. And then we get to go to Ramport studios owned by The Who… you can imagine how exciting all this was for us way back then! I somehow had the feeling that we had defiantly made the right move by leaving Gull records.
Having said all of this good stuff, the cold reality was that we were still very poor people, I did not have a car and had to use the bus or bicycle for transport when I was at home, so emotionally there was some confusion in my mind as to whether all of this was just a dream. If it was, I certainly did not want to wake up.

Album cover

Album cover

How strange it was that we did not become managed by the Who’s management until years later.
Ramport was great I thought, right down there in a real part of London, very much aching to back home in the working class Midlands. It had a great metal atmosphere I thought, and it was hard to imagine that pop bands would dare to put their foot in the door there. This studio was owned by the mighty Who! I have no doubt that none of the guys were born with silver spoons in their mouths, and had to make it the hard way. Which was great inspiration for us.

The sessions went well, and all according to plan. Simon impressed us to the extent that we had to find someone to tour with us that could execute Simon’s parts well. I am happy to say that we achieved this goal with the brilliant Les Binks.
Little did we know that some 30 years later, we would receive a Grammy for the song Dissident Aggressor.
I am happy to say that I now have a car, and it is very rewarding to crank this album up full blast and put the pedal to the Metal.