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K.K. Downing’s blogs from 2007:

Dec 2007

Hello everyone! And Metal holiday greetings to you all. Well, lots of things have been going on. I saw Heaven And Hell and Iced Earth in Birmingham and the following week the mighty Machine Head tour ...

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Nov 2007

Hello Metal fans everywhere! Well, it’s been another great month with loads of things happening. Many thanks to you all for checking in at the Mill and also for your correspondence and kind comments. ...

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Oct 2007 vlog

This time K.K.’s is sharing his thoughts with vlog. View it below and don’t forget to subscribe into Steel Mill’s YouTube channel. Comments comments ...

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Aug 2007

Hello again! The year seems to be moving on at a great rate of speed for some reason, I guess being so busy is the main reason why. It seems like only yesterday that the Steel Mill was opened for the ...

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Jul 2007

Hello everyone! Well, the summer is well on its way now, although here in the UK so far it has literally been a washout with the wettest June since 1914. However it has not stopped the festival fans a ...

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Mar 2007

Hello to all metal fans across the world where ever you are! If you are wondering why I was inspired to build K.K.´s Steel Mill, it is simply because I wanted to create a fun and interesting place whe ...

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