K.K. Downing Heavy Duty -memoir to be published in September 2018

K.K. Downing’s long-awaited biography Heavy Duty – Days And Nights In Judas Priest (co-written by Mark Eglinton) will be released in September. K.K.’s official statement can be seen below:

Hi Everyone!

I just wanted to make reference to my upcoming autobiography. It was with great surprise to me that I saw articles recently relating to my book, as work is still in progress finalising everything. The internet-led world we live in doesn’t make it easy to keep secrets! However, I was secretly desperate to tell you all about this book, as my life story is something that I am very proud of — even though I suspect that some of the details will surprise you just as they did me as I lived through them.

Recollecting my life as I have done in this book has often brought me to close to tears, but has also made me laugh with the fondest memories. It is true that I have made many friends along the way but it is also true that I have made some enemies. But one thing is for sure: the music that has been everything to me has not only been my salvation, but has also brought me closer to the people of so many nations— and I can honestly say that I consider all of you to be my very dear friends.

Heavy Duty is now destined to come your way in September, and it is my proudest moment to be able to share it with you.