K.K. Downing's Steel Mill

About K.K. Downing

K.K. Downing is along with bassist Ian Hill a founding member of legendary British heavy metal institution Judas Priest. During their 40+ years of existence they have created several timeless metal anthems, from “Victim Of Changes” and “Hell Bent For Leather” to “Breaking The Law” and “Painkiller.” By 2015 Priest have sold over 50 million records worldwide. And they are still going strong, touring all around the globe injecting their British Steel to thousands of loyal fans. Downing with Priest’s other guitarist Glenn Tipton have set the standards for heavy metal guitar playing. Their distinctive guitar sound have become a trademark in the field with K.K.’s more wild bluesy style perfectly complementing Tipton’s melodic output. Their classic twin leads and grinding riffs are one of the most played pieces in today’s young guitarists rehearsal rooms.