From the very first days of early Judas Priest to the present day, K.K. Downing’s personal scrapbooks offer an unique glimpse into Priest’s rise from a small Midlands band into one of heavy metal’s greatest institutions.

Starting from the very beginning, these books will give you a very special point of view to the career and music of Judas Priest.

The scrapbooks have been put together over the years by K.K. and people close to him, and include lots of interesting, often never before published material, such as photographs, newspaper clippings, fan art and personal notes.

The Steel Mill is proud to present an interactive feature created from the material of these scrapbooks. We hope you will find the rare material on the scrapbook section as interesting as we do! More scrapbook features will be added gradually, so keep on checking back!

Pic by Pauli Juppi

Vol. 1 – The Beginning

Vol. 2 – Rocka Rolla era

Vol. 3 – Sad Wings of Destiny Era

Vol. 4- Sin After Sin Era

Vol. 5- Stained Class Era

Vol. 6 – Killing Machine Era

Vol. 7 – Unleashed In The East Era

Vol. 8 – British Steel Era

Vol. 9 – Point Of Entry Era

Vol. 10 – Screaming For Vengeance Era

Vol. 11 – Defenders of the Faith Era

Vol. 12 – Turbo Era

Vol. 13 – Ram It Down Era

Vol. 14 – Painkiller Era

Vol. 15 – Jugulator Era

Vol. 16 – Demolition Era

Vol. 17 – Angel of Retribution Era

Vol. 18 – Nostradamus Era

Bonus Scrapbooks:

Vol. 19 – The Early Days


Vol. 20 – Rocka Rolla Bonus Spread (NEW!)