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On this series we take a look what happens behind the closed doors and scenes. Beyond Metal investigates art, design, people, phenomenons and stories in Heavy Metal. Dig in!


Joe Petagno interview

Besides Motörhead´s brilliant album covers and extremely popular ”Snaggletooth” AKA “War-Pig” character Joe Petagno has a honourable history as a graphic designer and artist. Working also with bands like Led Zeppelin, Nazareth, Pretty Maids, Sweet an ...

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Jarno Lahti from Kaamos Art interview

All work courtesy of Kaamos Design, interview by Pete Alander   Hi Jarno, nice to have you here at the Steel Mill. You run your own design company called Kaamos. What services you provide? My main services are CD cover and booklet designs, promotional design for bands, websites and MySpace sites. I’m also available for all kin ...

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Jeremy Morgan interview

Jeremy Morgan interview by Pete Alander Hi Jeremy, nice to have you here at the Steel Mill. First of all could you tell us how and why you started to work as a graphic designer/illustrator? Growing up I really enjoyed Cartoon Network showing old Hannah Barbera cartoons all day like Bird Man and Johnny Quest, and in 3rd grade I got ...

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Götz Kühnemund interview

‘Rock Hard’ – probably only a few people will disagree if I say that it is the most important metal magazine in the German-speaking area nowadays. Since starting in 1983, it has become more than just a magazine, not to say a bible, for its readers. The people working for ‘Rock Hard’ are very well-known for their honest reviews, and ...

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Rodney Githens

All work copyright R. Githens Hi Rodney and welcome to the Steel Mill! Wazz up? What is your latest project? Right now I am working on some ideas for Skeletonwitch and some stuff for Ring of Honor Wrestling. Also, I am getting prepared for the NY Comic Con in a couple weeks. I will be sharing a booth with Metal Sucks!!! Tell us a b ...

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