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Whether it’s a report of Donington festival from 1980 or K.K. Downing Visiting Finland – We got You covered! Take a look at other Special Reports on Steel Mill!Rock on!



AC/DC-legend Bon Scott would have turned 70 this July. His legacy however lives on, not least in the songs still heard live today. Here’s a look at man who started it all: Bon Scott, the mischievous and wild vocalist. By the time I was half alive I knew what I was gonna be Ronald Belford Scott was born in Forfar, Scotland 9.7.1946 ...

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Home Of Metal by Bill Sneyd

Birmingham and the Black Country has a musical heritage, which until now, has remained largely uncelebrated. That musical heritage is of course: Heavy Metal. The area has spawned many bands, whose importance and influence still stands today. ...

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Donington Special

In the history books of rock 1980 is a pivotal year, it was the crowning year for New Wave Of British Heavy Metal. Many classic records were unleashed during that period of time. It was also the birth of Monsters Of Rock, the biggest heavy metal festival in the world. ...

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Millworkers 2008 wrap-up

So there it is. Another year behind us and a new one about to begin. As the old 2008 is slowly running out it's days, the Millworkers sat down to look back on the past year. What were the highlights in the world of heavy metal? What albums had the biggest impact on the Mill boys and which ones fizzled out with the sourest aftertast ...

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British Steel

As the 1980’s dawned there was a rumble in the jungle as punk gave away to a new ferocious movement hailing from United Kingdom. New Wave Of British Heavy Metal stepped up to take the crown. Hundreds of bands had already made their stance at stardom and while most of them would not make it past endless pub circuits and (if they wer ...

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K.K. Downing’s Trip to Finland

ON a humid and windy January evening, the five millworkers gathered together at project manager Jari's house In Tuusula, Finland to discuss forthcoming K.K. Downing – web pages, do some hard work and relax at the same time. This occurred at a strange time in Finnish weather, nobody could recall a January day completely without snow ...

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K.K. Downing visits Finland, plays with Sturm Und Drang

Steel Mill production meeting in Finland resulted in a jam session with Priest cover band Priestone as well as K.K.’s first ever appereance with other band than Priest on stage when K.K. played with finnish metal youngsters Sturm Und Drang @ Vrock festival in the city of Salo. Here are some previously unreleased pics from the ...

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