Sad Wings of Destiny, 1976

Released March 23, 1976 by Gull Records


  • Victim Of Changes
  • The Ripper
  • Dreamer Deceiver
  • Deceiver
  • Prelude
  • Tyrant
  • Genocide
  • Epitaph
  • Island Of Domination


– Robert Halford, vocals
K.K. Downing, guitar
Glenn Tipton, guitar, piano
Ian Hill, bass
Alan Moore, drums
Produced by Jeffery Calvert, Max West and Judas Priest
Engineered by Jeffery Calvert, Dave Charles and Chris Tsangarides
Recorded at Rockfield Studios, Wales, November/December 1975
Mixed at Morgan Studios, London, December 1975
Art Director John Pasche, Gull Graphics
Cover Concept Neil French
Sleeve Painting Patrick Woodroffe

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Lead Break Credits:

Victim Of Changes – 1st lead K.K., 2nd lead Glenn

The Ripper – Glenn

Dreamer Deceiver – Glenn

Deceiver – K.K.

Prelude – Glenn

Tyrant – 1st lead Glenn, 2nd lead Glenn & K.K. together

Genocide – licks Glenn/K.K./Glenn & K.K. together, lead Glenn

Epitaph – piano Glenn

Island Of Domination – licks K.K.

Single covers (click for more information):

K.K.’s personal comments 2016:


“Forty years later, and I still enjoy playing Victim Of Changes. Having said that, the memories of the recording session are now somewhat hard to recall, but I do know that both Rockfield and Morgan studios were rife with great acts using them.

I think that we turned up at Rockfield, and Queen had just moved out… I remember looking at the grand piano which I was told Freddy used on Bohemian Rhapsody. And, of course, the great band Budgie, who made some of their masterpieces there…

At this point, please let me acknowledge guitarist John Thomas who passed away recently. John was from Birmingham and was well known and very well-liked by all Black Country musicians. He will be missed by us all!

Morgan studios was pretty much the home of Black Sabbath at the time, but I remember UFO being in the studio at the same time… I remember having a game of darts with Michael Schenker. I think they were doing No Heavy Petting with Leo Lyons from Ten Years After producing. This was when we also first met the metal master himself – Chris Tsangarides. As we all know, Chris went on to produce vast numbers of great albums and, of course, came back on board again with Priest for the Painkiller album.

I must say it was a great relief that we had artwork from Patrick Woodroffe, as it was exactly what I was personally looking for in an album cover for Priest.

It is sad – but a sign of the times – that we do not have the excitement of going into these multiple studio facilities anymore, as it was a great way to bump into artists that I probably would never have met other than backstage somewhere.

I will look forward to the 50th anniversary of Sad Wings, I may have recalled some more good memories of making the album by then!”


Chris Tsangarides comments 2016:


“I have some fond memories from those days… Of course at the time no one knew that we were making an album that would beheld in such high esteem by music fans 40 years later. The term Heavy Metal had not become part of the vocabulary used to describe bands or the music they played, it was hard rock! Ironically, I remember me and Rob Halford taking time out from the studio one Sunday evening, to go and see the Heavy Metal Kids playing at the Roundhouse, who were anything but heavy metal. But as time has shown, Heavy Metal is a perfect description of the music Priest excelled at!

K.K.’s solo on Victim Of Changes was the first guitar solo I ever recorded! It was the only solo on the album that I used with what was to become my “Vortex” mic technique. I recall Glenn asking for the clean guitar in the middle section ‘…once she was wonderful… ‘ to have some kind of chorus effect. The light bulb above my head turned on, and I suggested we use the Fender Rhodes suitcase piano as the chorus, basically plugged the guitar into the amp section of the piano, and messed with the chorus controls till we achieved the effect you hear on the record.

Great fun and mischief was had by throwing leftover curry onto unsuspecting passers by from the roof of the studio… or balloons filled with water! Oh, how we laughed at our childish pranks! I have great memories of those sessions, and the friendship carried on away from the studio, as I would often go and see them play live… Happy days indeed!”

From K.K.’s personal scrapbook:

Ad and session pictures: