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Stories behind Judas Priest songs!

Ville Krannila’s columns about Judas Priest songs. Commented by K.K. Downing and other metal musicians. Learn all the stories and hidden facts about the most notorious songs from Judas Priest. Respect!


After finishing the “Defenders Of The Faith” world tour in Japan late 1984, Judas Priest took their first ever lengthy time off. During 1985 Priest only played one live show, the famous Live Aid appearance in Philadelphia which took place in July. Althoug ...

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Stories behind the Metal Curtain!

On this series we take a look what happens behind the closed doors and scenes. Beyond Metal investigates art, design, people, phenomenons and stories in Heavy Metal. Dig in!

Joe Petagno interview

Besides Motörhead´s brilliant album covers and extremely popular ”Snaggletooth” AKA “War-Pig” character Joe Petagno has a honourable history as a graphic designer and artist. Working also with bands like Led Zeppelin, Nazareth, Pretty Maids, Sweet and Pin ...

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Articles around Metal!

Whether it’s a report of Donington festival from 1980 or K.K. Downing Visiting Finland – We got You covered! Take a look at other Special Reports on Steel Mill! Rock on!


AC/DC-legend Bon Scott would have turned 70 this July. His legacy however lives on, not least in the songs still heard live today. Here’s a look at man who started it all: Bon Scott, the mischievous and wild vocalist. By the time I was half alive I knew w ...

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