Turbo 30th anniversary!

K.K. comments on “Turbo” -30 years anniversary! Also newly updated “Turbo-era” discography and in depth “Reckless”-column by Ville.

K.K.’s personal comments 2016:

“The Turbo album was really quite some journey, by that I mean it all started in the south of Spain just outside of Marbella with myself, Glenn and Rob renting a house on the beach. This all sounds pretty nice, but it was cold and out of season… I remember the sessions coming together pretty well, and we eventually compiled enough material for two albums. Then we made the journey over to the Bahamas to record, and eventually ended up in Los Angeles to mix the album.

I remember well the mid-80s when there was a real good feel factor. I think generally then everything and every band seemed very vibrant and full of energy. Therefore I think the songs that were eventually selected for the album reflected that era well. We condensed all of the material we had, in order to concentrate it on a single album in the end, so as to end up with a record that did not sound like an eclectic mix of songs, but instead the result being an album that had a consistent character throughout. Quite a lot of the remaining ideas did go towards the Ram It Down album, but which ideas went into what songs I can’t specifically remember…

But I do remember well having loads of fun making the Locked In video in the old and redundant Los Angeles zoo. As I have said in interviews before, I think that it was pure sign of the times that bought about the flavour of the Turbo album, and it certainly brings back many great memories of when rock and metal were well and truly in full flight. Speaking of flying, the producers of Top Gun the movie wanted to have the song Reckless for the soundtrack and movie, but the decision was made to keep the song for Turbo.”

Turbo extended discography

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